Hey, so… some kind of sad news. This is the last Moonfruit comic.

I didn’t really hype this storyline up as a finale, partially because I didn’t wanna make a big deal of it, and partially because I wasn’t entirely sure if I’d chicken out. That said, this wasn’t a spur-of-the-moment decision or anything. I started planning over a year ago, figuring out all of the threads I wanted to tie up before ending the comic, and I’ve been carrying that plan out one storyline at a time for the past twelve months. Now we’ve arrived at the final storyline, and it feels like a good place to let go. We end how we began: with Billy and his Dad talking about girls. But I like to think we’ve grown a little bit along the way.

Anyway, the reason for ending it is basically that I have so, so many artistic projects on the go that I can’t give Moonfruit the attention it deserves. I’m running myself ragged trying to keep a semi-regular update schedule, and it’s resulting in me half-assing things more and more (re-using old art, shying away from more ambitious storylines, etc). I don’t want Moonfruit to slowly get crappier and crappier as I get busier and busier. I’d rather end strong.

However, this isn’t completely sad news. I’m definitely going to continue making visual art in general, and even comics specifically. I have a ton of ideas for comics that don’t quite fit the Moonfruit/four-panel/regular updates model of storytelling, which is the other big reason I’m ending things. Not having to keep up with Moonfruit will give me a chance to explore new and different ideas, and push myself further as an artist and a storyteller.

Anyway, I will be keeping the site online, so the archive will remain here for your perusal, and I will absolutely post about any and all new comics projects on this site, so totally keep an eye on it. If you wanna check out some of the other artsy things that are taking up all my time, I’d recommend checking out http://thedebutantes.ca and http://sxs5k.com

Thank you to everyone who has supported Moonfruit over the years. To the die-hards and the casual readers alike. You’re all amazing and I couldn’t have done this for so long without you. Bye, everybody.