Continuing with the remastered versions of old favourites, here’s Hummus, the best Darryl and Steve comic we ever did. You can even buy merch of this one now! How crazy is that? Anyway, I’m gonna keep the newby/oldie instructions below just in case anybody missed them.

NEWCOMERS: We’re gonna mention the “old site” a lot, but the whole point of this re-launch is to make the site accessible to people like you! You can start reading here and not miss a beat… in fact, it’ll probably be way less confusing than if you’d started with everyone else.

OLDTIMERS: Don’t worry! Our entire catalogue of comics is still online, exactly as it was before the re-launch. You can access it by clicking right here, or by using the Archive page.

The original comic that this one is based on can be found here.

New comics start on Monday, September 22nd!