So a couple years back, I wrote and drew this comic for Valentine’s Day (original post can be found here). A bunch of my friends really liked it, and a bunch more hated it because it made them cry. I figured that was pretty much as far as it would go. Then a while later people started sending me links like this and this where the comic has been shared hundreds of thousands of times, and I was blown away. I still am, honestly. This is, to date, the most successful and popular thing I’ve ever created. Since then, a dude in Australia made a short film based on it, and that short film was shared on Ashton Kutcher’s weird Buzzfeed site, which led to even more crazy viral internet fame.

I’m incredibly proud of this comic, and so in honour of its two-year anniversary, I decided to post it to the new site, mostly so people can find it a little easier. Unlike the other “best of” posts I’ve done, this one appears exactly as it did on the old site, with no updated art or editing. Sorry if I made you sad just now. Happy Valentine’s Day.