Hey gang! Sorry for the intermittent posting lately. This is around the time of year that I usually tap out for the summer, as summer festivals take over my entire life and I don’t have the time to do quality, consistent updates. I probably should’ve done that a while back, but none of the recent comics felt like a good end point. If it’s gonna be up on the front page of the site all summer, I want it to be a good one, but also a typical, middle-of-the-road sort of Moonfruit. Nothing too out there, nothing too topical or brand-specific, etc.

Anyway, this is a long way of saying that I’m tapping out for the summer, and I will see you all after the Fringe festival (if I survive). I may post intermittent updates, but I don’t wanna build that up too much in case I can’t. Regular updates will resume in the fall though!