Alright, so here’s a little behind-the-scenes story that has little to no relevance to the actual comic:

If you look at the “Character” tags for this comic just above the text you’re currently reading, you’ll see “Cecilia.” Cecilia the fetal pig is a character from the original run of Moonfruit, only back then, her name was Cecil. When I thought of the idea for today’s comic and realized I had an opportunity to reintroduced the character, I decided to genderswap them for the new continuity. I did this for a couple reasons. Firstly, because there was literally zero reason why Cecil *had to* be a male character in the first place. I just thought the name Cecil was particularly hilarious for this character, and luckily, I think Cecilia is an even funnier name, so we’re all good. And secondly, because while we’re getting better and better at working more female characters into pop culture as a whole, they often show up as the same types of characters over and over. So while we’re seeing a lot more strong, courageous, ass-kicking female characters, we hardly ever see female characters that are significantly flawed. I couldn’t think of many examples of a comedic female character who’s disgusting or horrifying on purpose, without that gross-ness being inherently tied to her female-ness (ie: she’s the “ugly” girl no dude wants to sleep with, or the “ugly” girl that a dude does sleep with and that’s the joke, etc). Dude characters get to be gross and funny all the time without it being tied up in any other weird context. So anyway, I thought it’d be cool to do something a little different with Cecilia.

Anyway, it’s not an unprecedented thing, and I’m not looking for a cookie or a pat on the head or whatever. I just wanted to give some background in case any long time fans are curious about the switch. Her gender doesn’t really have any bearing on anything, but that’s sort of the point.