Another suggestion comic! This one is based on my dad’s suggestion of “spliff noir,” and it might be my favourite one so far. After finishing it, I realized it bore some resemblance to a sketch written by my pal James Ross, so shout out to him, too.

Also, not being much of a cannabis culture kind of guy, I had to do a bunch of research for this comic, and if you’re looking for a hilarious read, may I suggest Wikipedia’s appendix of cannabis slang? Because it is the best and funniest thing I’ve read in a while. Having now skimmed through that article, you could say any combination of words and then tell me it’s slang for something to do with weed and I would 100% believe you. Pot enthusiasts, why do you need so many different yet equally ridiculous ways to describe weed and/or the smoking of weed? Maybe I’m too much of a square to understand.