Moonfruit is a webcomic that updates three times every week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. It follows the exploits of a cast of unusual characters, including Skeleton Dad, Doctor Professor, and a terrifying fetal pig named Cecil. We’re not big on subtlety around here.

Moonfruit is currently in its second iteration. The original Moonfruit ran for four years and exactly six hundred and sixty-six comics, at which point we realized this was actually going somewhere and decided to give the whole site an overhaul to make it a little more accessible and user-friendly, not to mention a whole lot prettier. You can still access the original site through our Archive; we’ve left it completely intact for archaeological purposes. We apologize for the terrible art and ill-conceived shock humour in a lot of the early strips.

While a bunch of the characters from the original site have carried over into this new version, you can jump right in without ever reading the old material and everything will make sense. In fact, while there’s definitely a linear storyline running through the new site, our goal is for readers to be able to jump on at any point without having to slog too far back through the archive.

Moonfruit was created by Mike Pfeil and Robyn Slack. They write the comics together and then Robyn draws them. They grew up together in Chetwynd, British Columbia and are currently based out of Edmonton, Alberta. They can be contacted at moonfruitcomics@gmail.com or by commenting on any of the comics on this site.